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My work ranges from Branding to 3D Visualisations and 3D Photography. Working in many different fields allowed me to collect experience and experiment, which leads me to create personal artwork. I believe that the work I create works as a way to stay creative and to free my head from an overload of ideas.

Branding 0
3D Design 0
Photography 0

Auto Z
Automotive Group – Qatar

Art Director, 2015 to Present
Direct company design and branding initiatives.
Oversee design initiatives for digital/print campaigns and product user interfaces (UI). Lead social media and photography sessions. Manage branding designs for a car rental showroom and service center. Develop project concepts, social media marketing assets, and implement design strategies for corporate websites. Create large-scale ad, video, and promotional campaigns. Guide teams in foreign countries with website development.

Naira International
Group – Qatar

Art Director, 2015 to Present
Oversee marketing and branding campaigns for three restaurants.
Directed all creative initiatives with website design, social media, and food photography. Led rebranding campaigns and revamped designs by creating branding identities/concepts and focusing on food service, interior design creations, menu designs, and food photography campaigns.
• Led branding initiatives for restaurant clients by conceptualizing ideas, managing photography efforts, incorporating interior design styles, and overseeing company social media team.

Tmshaya App
– Qatar

Founder, 2014
Provided foundational leadership and developed the Tmshaya app.
Developed innovated user search interface to led branding identity for iOS and Android user interfaces (UI) and social media initiatives. Oversaw developer team creation.

Network Advertising
– Qatar

Art Director, 2013
Oversaw creative direction for major company clients.
Established company brand identity and logos. Produced food photography sessions. Developed proposal videos and infographics.

Various Clients
– Qatar

Freelance Photographer, 2012
Served as freelance photographer for many Qatar restaurants.
Recognized for over three years of dedication and professionalism in food photography.

Various Clients
– Egypt

Freelance Designer, 2011
Led design initiatives for three different restaurants in Egypt.
Oversaw company social media management. Designed company and personal logos.
• Directed branding identity campaigns.

Mohamed Deif
Printing House – Egypt

Designer, 2010
Served as Designer and led printing preparations.
Demonstrated proficiency operating various digital printing machines.
• Gained invaluable experience on printing techniques and strategies, printing materials, and machine operations.

Marina Media
Advertising – Egypt

Designer, 2009
Oversaw outdoor advertisements design and installation by displaying banners, vinyl, and related advertising materials.
Created outdoor design campaigns and provided leadership to advertising company.

Art Group
Media & Advertising – Egypt

Designer, 2008
Produced new branding poster designs.
Developed template creation.
• Served as graphic designer.

Additional Experience

Designer, Dar El Teba’aa – Egypt
Designer, Motiva Media Advertising – Egypt
Photo Retoucher, Konika Photography – Egypt